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Fleetwood Windows

Among some of the top companies in the industry that we are proud to work with, Fleetwood offers top quality windows and doors that can take any project to the next level in terms of beauty and durability. Creating windows and doors that are made in the USA and specializing in modern styles, Fleetwood Windows and Doors have been manufacturing windows for luxury homes since 1961. Although good quality products are available elsewhere, Fleetwood Windows and Doors provide customer’s with a product that is the best when good just isn’t enough. Built with the same care as fine furniture, Fleetwood Windows and Doors are crafted with by experts that are aimed at a better product, not a faster product.

Family owned and operated, Fleetwood values the importance of home and it is these values that align with those that we have at Elegant Windows and Doors. When choosing Fleetwood Windows customers can feel confident that they are investing in a business that values their wants and preferences and will deliver an unbeatable product that will complete their luxury look. Their windows and doors are backed by a simple lifetime warranty, as Fleetwood fully stands behind their products and care greatly about their customer’s satisfaction. Fleetwood is a company that cares more about providing a product that is the best quality possible and will last as long as possible, and not short-term quick profits.

The building inspector checks quality of installation of new windows.

Fleetwood values its dealers and selects them carefully. It is their careful consideration that makes us proud to be able to work with such a brand. Partnered with Fleetwood, customers can be sure that Elegant Windows and Doors will deliver a product and service that is in line with Fleetwood’s premier standards. Fleetwood believes dealers have to be the best, and working with such a brand reasserts that we are a top window and door company that serves the Los Angeles area.

Fleetwood offers a variety of doors that are meant to fit a range of styles and are available in different materials that create different styles and fit different durability needs. Patio doors are an elegant way to bring the great outdoor scenery into the home and create a seamless entrance that will leave an impression on homeowners and visitors. Door types include traditional sliding doors, multi-slide/pocket doors, hinged doors, and folding doors. Each type of door works for different spaces and purposes and come in different materials. Doors can come in thermally broken aluminum, non-thermally broken aluminum, HVHZ/ Missile Impact thermally broken, and HVHZ/ Missile Impact non- thermally broken. To learn what is best for your specific project and have some guidance in the selection process us, contact us and we will be happy to help and field any questions you may have.

Fleetwood also offers windows, built in a variety of styles that will make your luxury project complete and stand out from the rest. Types include window wall windows, sliding windows, single hung windows, hopper windows, fixed windows, casement windows, and awning windows. Like doors, each come in different materials that depend on what is best for your home or commercial project. These categories include thermally broken aluminum, non-thermally broken aluminum, and HVHZ/missile impact thermally broken.

For further customization, customers can choose different colors and finishes that fit their style and design preferences. With seamless styles, categories, and colors, customers can create a combination that is unlike any other option out there.

If you think Fleetwood Windows and Doors is right for your project, or you wish to learn more, contact us at Elegant Windows and Doors. We will be happy to answer your questions and guide you in the window selection process.

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