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Sliding Glass Door Replacement Options

What To Consider First

When you first call Elegant Windows and Doors for a In-Home Consultation for a sliding glass door replacement project, you have many things to consider. First of all, what is currently there? Is it old original aluminum sliding doors? Do you have old wood french doors? Why are we replacing these sliding glass doors? When we do a Sliding Glass Door replacement project, its comes with a Z-Bar exterior fin that covers any stucco damage during the replacement. The old door gets taken out, and gets replaced with the new door that sits on the new frame. Now you can enjoy a new energy efficient sliding glass door with no worries. Now lets talk material. 


Most people’s original sliding glass door is old wood or aluminum. Everyone now upgrades to a Vinyl, Fiberglass or a Wood-Clad Sliding Door. Vinyl would be the most cost efficient. Fiberglass is the most durable but a little more expensive. Wood-Clad is usualy the highest cost, and the higher end products. 

For Vinyl Patio Sliding doors we use either the Milgard Vinyl series. Either the Tuscany or Trinsic. Tuscany is the premium, thick frame Vinyl. Trinsic is the contemporary thinner frame Vinyl. Check out more about Milgard here

If you want to get something more durable and with more options, then you would go with a fiberglass sliding door. The Milgards line is the Ultra Series Patio Doors. These also come in a replacement Z-bar style for installation. 

For certain homes you would go with a Wood-Clad material for the sliding door. This is when the interior of the door is wood, and the outside is either fiberglass or aluminum. This is when you want to enjoy the design elements of wood but have no exterior maintenance. We use either the Milgard Essence series, AG Millworks, Marvin or Windsor. 

Energy Efficient 

So when you replace your sliding glass door, you will have a big clear glass letting in all this light in. These doors will be energy efficient with argon gas in between the panes. Also, on the exterior glass there will be a Low-E film that will block harmful UV rays trying to come into the house. This is how the door performs and keeps the hot air outside and the cool air inside. 

Operations and Panels

Sliding glass doors often have large glass panes that have one operable sliding sash that glides easily along the track. You have the options if you have the space for a 4 panel sliding door. This is when the 2 middle panels slide out and you have 2 outer glass that is fixed. You can even do a 3 panel with 1 operable and 2 fixed. It all depends on how much space you have in you patio replacement project. When we come out for a In-Home Consultation this is one of the aspects we will look further into. 


You have the option to put grids on your sliding door. You can either have it in between the glass as flat or sculptured. Or you can have simulated divided lites that look like the glass is separated. This all depends on the style of your house, and the style you are trying to have in you patio slider. 

Ready For a New Patio Sliding Door?

Whether you want to upgrade your patio glass sliding doors, or you are thinking about french doors. Give us a call at Elegant Windows and book your In-Home Consultation so we can provide you with all your options. Call us at (800) 595-1172 or fill out the form below. 

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