Questions to ask your Window Replacement Contractor

Window replacement is a process that is rewarding when done rightly. However, finding a qualified window replacement contractor that you’re confident in always takes time and it is a process that you might not be totally familiar. This article was put together by Elegant Windows and Doors Inc. to guide your selection of a replacement window contractor and ensure you end up with the right one. The questions contained in this article are designed to help you determine the reliability, reputation, efficiency and experience of a contractor; as well as their dedication to providing you with the best window install.


The first step you need to take is to set up an interview with your desired contractor, this will give you the opportunity to ask as many questions as possible, explore possibilities and engage in a proper evaluation of the contractor. Below are the important questions to ask your window replacement contractor:

  •             The full name and address of the company

Asking for the complete address of the Window replacement company can be an important factor in determining a company’s time in business and authenticity. It is good to ask for a full street address and if possible, a post office box as well. A good tip will be to hire a contractor that has an office nearby. This increases the likelihood of better service and quicker response.

  •             Is the contractor a licensed company?

Nothing is as important as ensuring the safety of your funds and the legitimacy of a contractor. After all, a company can only offer services as good as their name. Though not all cities require contractors to get a licence before operating, you can check with local licensing authority for details. Alternatively, several window manufacturers offer a variety of programs to professional contractors that establish their credentials as an efficient window contractor. You can ask for the contractor’s credentials to evaluate the company’s professionalism.

  •             What is the company’s workmanship warranty?

Regardless of how well-installed your windows are, problems can develop later and sometimes accidents do happen; therefore, a warranty in place will go a long way. Warranties are often a sign that a contractor is willing to guarantee the quality of his or her work. Usually, a contractor’s workmanship warranties are for one year or more.

  •             Does the company carry insurance?

Apart from offering warranty, another important question to ask your contractor is if they have insurance. This can be verified by asking to see the contractor’s certificates of insurance (workers’ compensation and general liability). Contractors who do not carry insurance will most likely be cheaper to hire as they do not have the large insurance premiums to pay. At the end of the day, it is up to you to decide whether it is worth the risk to hire a contractor who does not carry insurance.

  •             How long have you been in the construction business?  

This question helps you determine the resilience of the company and also help you to track their records. To be sure of the window installers, you can ask that they provide referrals from previous clients. Contractors who are willing to provide references and/or photos from their previous completed jobs are preferable, as this gives them some transparency.

  •             Is there a specific window type or brand you use or recommend?

Some contractors don’t like working with certain brands of windows, and others prefer to work only with a few types. Getting these preferences up front, with detailed reasons as to why the contractor does or does not recommend a brand will be helpful in your final selection.

  •             What is the duration of the project, from ordering to installation?

Knowing a generalized timeline can give you some orderliness and organisation during the course of the project.

  •             Do you offer painting and/or interior finishing as part of your installation package?

    Not all contractors offer finishing services. Some offer both interior finishing, such as trimming out a window, and painting, which is helpful for the homeowner. Make sure to ask what services, if any, are included, and see that they’re added to the itemized estimate if they aren’t already there.

  •             Other equally important questions to ask include the payment terms of the contractor, how the company deals with customer complaints, how to handle services issues after window installation and if it is necessary to get permit for the project?

Armed with the above, your search for the best contractor for your window replacement is certain to yield good results.

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