Types of Windows to Choose When Replacing Windows

Installing replacement windows may seem like a daunting task; but did you know the process can actually be quick, easy, and painless? We’re going to break down the types of replacement windows and styles so you can figure out which suits you best in a flash.

Replacement Windows- Why?

Why would someone consider replacing windows? The answer is quite simple. A new set of windows can completely switch up your home’s style and elegance, while other options can provide energy efficiency for overall lower cost of bills.

Styles of Replacement Windows

There are several different types of house windows. What you choose will depend solely on your personal style and what you feel would look best in your home.

l  Double hung windows– These are the most popular type of house windows because of their design and ease of use. They can easily open and close by sliding up and down quickly. They’re one of the better options for cleaning as well.

l  Slider windows– These are essentially the same as double hung windows, but instead of sliding up and down, they slide side to side in a horizontal manner.

l  Bay windows- These windows do not typically open, but their extra large and strong design add a particular element of elegant to any room they adorn.

l  Garden windows– With an outer area that extends from the window itself, the garden window is the ideal choice for someone wanting to showcase their plants, flowers, or anything else they desire.


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Types of Replacement Windows

As far as types of replacement windows are concerned, there are three major options:

l  Vinyl Windows are of the most popular replacement windows because they offer energy efficiency with a wide range of designs that are sure to adapt to your needs with no problem.

l  Wood Windows are incredibly pleasing to look at and add a splash of homestyle beauty to any home they are placed.

l  Fiberglass Windows are a popular choice because of their strength that can withstand any harsh weather conditions.

If you’ve made your choice on the style and type of window you’d like, it’s time to learn about the ‘how to replacement windows’. You will most likely need to hire a window installer if you’re not familiar with this task, as installing replacement windows incorrectly can cause more harm than good.

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