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Window Installation Throughout Los Angeles – New, Custom & Replacement

Elegant Windows and Doors is a full service dealer & installer. We specialize in window installation, and have been for over 15 years. Below are the 3 types of window installs we do;

  • New Construction 
  • Custom Sizes 
  • Replacement and Retrofit
Our Team Doing a Retrofit Window Installation project in Santa Clarita, CA.

Free In-Home Consultation 

The first thing you need to do to start off your project, is to call us a set up an appointment for a free In-Home Consultation. You can do that by clicking here. See below on what we cover when we come out to your home. 

  • Walk around the home and inspect all the windows and doors
  • Take all measurements so we can price you out on the material
  • Inspect all openings to verify a clean and safe window installation
  • Help the homeowner by going over all the details and options
  • We pick a product together, by one of the manufactures we work with
  • Provide you with an estimate and complete breakdown of the window installation project. 

Now that you know the process, see below for some different types of installs. 

New Construction Window Installation

See below a new construction building that was being built, so we did the installation through the rough opening. This is when there is only 2×4 wood openings that we install on. We then apply the flashing to stay weatherproof and seal and nail on the windows. 

Below is a new construction installation on a home that had existing windows.  This process is different because to install as a new construction, we have to break the exterior stucco and interior drywall to get down to the wood frame. We then install it and add the flashing then seal it. You then would have to re-do the stucco and drywall. You do this in situations where the wood is rotten or the frame is in bad shape so doing a retrofit window installation wouldn’t work.  This avoids any chance of leaks or air loss because everything was installed brand new on the wood frame. 

Custom Window Installation

Depending on your window sizes, you might need to install custom sizes. All our manufactures including Milgard, Plygem, Marvin all accommodate to custom sizes. So when we are doing our measurements we make sure to get the right sizes for a correct install. Sometimes we might need to make some openings bigger or smaller, it just depends on when the house was built. See below a project we did all custom arch and custom sizes windows. 

Replacement Window Installation 

Most of our clients are in need of a retrofit/Z-bar installation. This is usually when you have an old aluminum frame, and want an exterior fin to cover any stucco damage. This is the very clean cut way to do a window installation going from old aluminum to new vinyl or fiberglass windows. Retrofit is also cheaper on labor because we are not breaking any stucco or drywall, and the homeowner doesn’t have to re do any touch ups on the house.  See below how a retrofit job looks like on a 4 unit condo we did in La Crescenta. 

Block Frame Window Installation

Another method is a block frame window installation. This very similar to a retrofit replacement type of installation, but block frame windows don’t have an exterior fin. This is usually if you original wood windows with a bottom wood sill. We replace the windows and keep the original bottom sill. See below how a block frame window installation looks like. We can replace the bottom sill with a new one if the original is in bad shape. Or we can also shave it off to make it look like a retrofit window installation. 

Energy Efficient Windows

When you install new windows, you get the benefits of having energy efficient windows. They come duel pane with argon gas in between. They also have a Low-E film on the outside pane. This blocks harmful UV rays, and keeps the home insulated. Air from inside wont leak out, as well as the other way around. The home will stay cool during the summer, and warm during the winter. 


Permits are another thing to consider when replacing your windows. You usually need to get a permit, especially if your changing size or its in the front of the home. There are situations we remove a post in between 2 windows to make 1, or if you changing from single hung window to sliders. Cities like Glendale and Pasadena are more strict on window installation jobs compared to Los Angeles County. Either way, we have a service for your window installation project where we deal with the city and pull the permits for you. We will go through the options and see if its necessary to pull the permits. 

Ready for a Window Installation Project? 

If you think replacing your windows is right for you, give us a call at Elegant Windows and Doors to learn more and to get a quote. We do Free In-Home Consultations throughout Los ageles 7 days a week.

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