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Milgard Windows & Patio Doors

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At Elegant Windows and Doors, we pride ourselves on working with companies that value the same things we do. Some of these core values include delivering a high-quality product to our customers time after time and do so in a professional and welcoming manner. We aim to make the entire experience of working with us and our fellow companies as hassle-free as possible. Milgard delivers a very similar service. Each time our clients work with Milgard, they are receiving the best service available that is at a price that is reasonable. A company that has been in business for decades, Milgard is equipped with the expertise and knowledge needed to help you create the perfect home.

Certified Milgard Dealer

Elegant Windows & Doors is a certified dealer of Milgard Windows. This allows our clients to receive a price that is better than competitors due to our relationship with them that is 15 years in the making. We have been installing Milgard Windows for over a decade. We can ensure you that we will deliver a service that will complete your dream home project.

Trusted Product

Milgard is one of the most trusted and highly rated names in the industry. They serve the Western U.S and Canada with over a dozen facilities and customer care centers, which help the customer get exactly what they are asking for each time they use Milgard’s services. All of Milgard’s products are manufactured in the U.S and are built with care so that they last as long as possible. It has been named “Best Quality Milgard Windows Vinyl ” 5 times and “Builder’s Choice” for vinyl and fiberglass windows in the Western U.S. Further ensuring top- quality products, each window and door, by Milgard is backed by a lifetime warranty. This included accidental glass breakage. 

Everyday Use

Specializing in the everyday use, Milgard Windows and Doors offers a variety of windows and doors that will help complete the vision each client has for their home. There are multiple styles available, accommodating a wide range of preferences and design choices. This allows each client to get exactly what they are looking for. Milgard Windows and Doors are great for new construction or for upgrading existing ones. To aid you in the process, Milgard Certified Dealers, such as us, are available to provide constant support and guidance in the window and door selection process.

Styles and Lines

Milgard Windows and Doors has a variety of window styles that vary from; single hung windows, to double hung windows, to specialty windows, and more. Milgard Windows and Doors also offers a range of frame materials that range from wood, vinyl, and aluminum to name a few. Also, doors are offered from different types of sliding doors to swing doors, and then some. Like windows, there is a range of frames available as well that will bring the beautiful outdoors into your home. While shopping, clients also have the option of browsing by different product lines based on what types of windows and brands they are looking for.

These include the Essence Series, Tuscany Series, Trinsic Series, Style line Series, Ultra Series, Quiet Line, and the Milgard Windows Aluminum Series. The Essence series are fiberglass with a natural wood frame, Tuscany are beautiful long-lasting vinyl windows, Montecito are best if you are building your home brand new and are also vinyl. Furthermore, Style lines/Trinsic are slim and sleek, however Ultra windows are the best for durability. If sound is of concern, our Quiet line may be best for you as they can block out busy streets.


When choosing Milgard, you can trust that you are choosing a company that cares about the environment and is conscious about their impact on the planet. Each window is crafted carefully and with attention to detail, ensuring that each product is as perfect as can be. We strive for sustainability and while manufacturing Milgard takes steps to minimize our environmental impact. Some of these include minimizing waste, reduce carbon emissions, green programs, green building partners, and recycling post-consumer and pre-consumer content. Our windows are also built for maximum energy efficiency. We take responsibility for the impact we have on the world around us and do our best to make sure that the impact we make is a positive one. Check out Milgard’s website to learn more about how you can make your home more eco-friendly.

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